The holiday season is a time for gathering with your family, friends, and furry companions, all while celebrating your traditions safely. Whether it’s Thanksgiving or New Years’ to everything in between, it’s important to keep in mind your pet and their well-being when planning out your next holiday party. We want to make sure it’s a fun, and enjoyable time for your pet, so we’ve put together some tips to keep in mind to keep your pets safe this holiday season. 


Keep an eye out for potential ornament or decoration hazards around the home.

Take pride in that beautiful Christmas tree shining bright in your living room but also keep in mind it may be something that could be a safety concern for your pet. If you have a smaller dog that likes to chew on the first thing it sees, be sure to keep fragile ornaments or possible choking hazards away from the bottom of the tree. If you have a particularly curious cat that likes to climb up high, ensure the tree is secured safely to the ground in case your cat decides to reach for the star at the very top. 


Prepare for visitors if your pet is likely to get anxious or stressed.

Especially if you have visitors over who have never been introduced to your pet before, you should take steps to prepare for the event of a possible anxiety attack in your pet. If your dog tends to bark at visitors, slowly introduce your visitors to your pet outside your home first to get them comfortable. If your pet is more on the timid side and likes to hide, make sure they have a safe place in the home they can retreat to that has accessible food and water in case they decide to remain there for the night.


Ensure harmful foods are out of reach from your pet.

There are sure to be plenty of sweets being baked or present around the house with the holiday season. Dishes with chocolate, artificial sweeteners, and yeast dough should be in cabinets or stored in areas that your curious furry friends have no access to as these can be harmful to their digestive system. 


Have a plan in case fireworks are set off in your area.

Loud noises, especially those of fireworks, can trigger your pet’s anxiety causing them to enter a stressed state of panic. If you know your dog is sensitive to fireworks, have a safe space in the home ready for them to help ease their panic. If possible, we recommend playing calming music for your pet at a moderate volume (or enough to help muffle the sound of fireworks) as a way to calm your pet down.


Enjoy the coming holiday season safely with your pet by following these tips! In the event of an emergency such as your pet ingesting something they shouldn’t, contact our office immediately to get them the care they need.