Tropical cat boarding suite accommodations in Bellevue, WA

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We would like to invite you to tour our cat boarding facility and the various services that we can provide during your cat’s stay.

When you need to trust someone to take care of your kitty when you are away, we hope you will trust in our team at Cat Care Clinic. Our focus is to provide a stress-free experience for both your cat and you!

Our “condo’s” come in double and triple units, with triples being recommended for roommates, long term stays, and high activity breeds. We will provide all litterboxes/litter, bowls for food and water, a bed and enrichment. Our boarding rooms use Feliway diffusers to reduce stress, and each condo will be cleaned and turned over twice a day for a clean and comfortable stay.

During their boarding stay with us, you can also schedule your cat routine and preventative health care exams or bloodwork. Wellness exams, vaccinations, dental cleanings, and grooming services including toenail trims can be scheduled ahead of time.

Our staff can also provide for your cat’s medical management needs when staying with us. Please let us know ahead of time of your cat’s special needs when booking. When you check in for boarding, we will record and label your kitties’ belongings, and confirm all feeding and medication instructions before you go. If you forget to bring your food, we will feed them our house food for an additional cost.

*Additional cost for House Food $4/day

*Medication administration $5-$10

*Holiday Rates Nov 21-28th, and Dec. 19-Jan 2nd

(Please call for details)