​Helping Your Arthritic Cat

Cats are known for their stoicism, rarely complaining unless their food bowl is empty. This makes it challenging to identify if they are suffering from arthritis pain. However, if your cat has been diagnosed with arthritis or shows difficulty in movement, implementing the following easy home modifications can greatly enhance their comfort and mobility.

1. Opt for low-sided litter boxes:
Covered litter boxes are effective in containing litter granules and odors, but they can pose a challenge for arthritic cats. Consider switching your cat’s regular litter boxes with low-sided, uncovered alternatives that are easier for them to navigate in and out of.

2. Elevate food and water bowls:
Years of jumping down have taken a toll on your cat’s elbows. Help alleviate the strain by elevating their food and water bowls to a comfortable height. This way, your cat won’t need to bend down, reducing unnecessary stress on their joints.

3. Install ramps to furniture:
Climbing towers may prove too difficult for arthritic cats, but they still enjoy looking out of windows. Place ramps near their favorite resting spots or lookout towers. These ramps will enable your cat to maintain their independence and fulfill their instinctual needs, such as climbing, hiding, and surveying their territory.

4. Provide firm bedding:
While extra soft and plush bedding may seem cozy, it can be challenging for cats with arthritis to get out of and offers little support for their aching joints. Opt for a firm and orthopedic bed that adequately supports your cat’s sore body.

5. Use non-slip mats on slick flooring:
Arthritic cats may no longer engage in late-night zoomies or hallway races, but slick flooring can still pose a risk of painful slips and falls. Help prevent these accidents by placing non-slip mats, such as yoga mats or carpet runners, to provide your cat with a secure and stable pathway.

While these home modifications can greatly assist your arthritic cat, it’s crucial to also maintain their weight at a comfortable level and manage their pain. Our team is here to provide guidance and assistance in these areas. Please contact us to schedule an appointment and receive comprehensive support for your furry companion.