Welcoming a new kitty into your home is exciting, but it can also be a lot of work. The trip home with your new cat is not the time to run to the pet store for toys, treats, and food. Before your new family member arrives, it’s important to have all the necessary supplies ready. Planning and preparing for your furry friend’s arrival also means pet-proofing your home. Follow these three tips to help you better prepare for your new arrival.


#1 Have All Your Cat Supplies Ready To Go

Food, water, and a safe place to call their own should be the first thing your new cat experiences when they come home. A litter box, food, and toys are the main essentials for your feline friends! If your new furry family member has access to multiple rooms inside or outside the house, be sure to provide them with water bowls in several locations to promote hydration.


#2 Keep Hazardous Materials Away From Your Cat

Cats are naturally curious, especially when entering a new home. Tucking medications away in cabinets and drawers will prevent potential accidents from occurring. Keeping your cleaning supplies and products out of the way will also help ensure your cat doesn’t get into anything they don’t need. You can check the packaging on any product you are worried about to ensure it’s safe for your cat. 


#3 Remove Unsafe Plants

Several common household plants can be toxic to your cat. Lily’s, Aloe Vera, Pothos, Snake Plants, and English Ivy’s are all examples of unsafe plants for your cat. A curious cat in a new environment is prone to explore, sniff and even nibble on your plants and other toxic materials. Remove or move any unsafe plants, so they are out of reach for your new feline friend. 


If you have more questions about how to prepare your home for your new cat, please give us a call so we can help!